Pregnancy Diary: Week 26 & 27


26 & 27 Weeks Pregnant.

I am writing this as I am coming towards the end of my 27th week. I'm still feeling fabulous! My feet are still swelling but after borrowing a foot spa I have had a lot of relief. My heartburn hasn't been as bad the past week either. I've sort of gotten used to it and have found that having regular glasses of milk and eating a bit more dairy has helped tenfold. I tend to try and ease it naturally before hitting the bottle! Gaviscon bottle that is! 

I feel like my bump has gotten bigger and has filled out a lot in these past two weeks. Although a lot of people comment that my bump is small which I'm unsure about. I feel big. I have begun getting stretch marks really low down on the bump. I have to say I have been a little lazy applying the stretch marks lotions and potions. I have plenty to use but know that genetics play the biggest role when it comes to them. Here are some pictures I have taken in the past two weeks.

Mummy and Daddy.

Egg on legs.

       Me being totally serious! 

This afternoon I had another midwife appointment. I love going to the appointments to check on our boy, it's always so exciting. I had the lovely midwife that I had at my booking in appointment and it was lovely to see her again. We had a quick catch up and then got started. They begin measuring your bump at 24 weeks to try to plot your babies growth and estimate the birth weight as your pregnancy progresses. So today my bump was measured for the second time and again I was measuring big. The first time I was on the high end of the guideline but this time I was above it! She said not to worry as it is not fully accurate and it's not too big to cause any concern. It's also better to be measured bigger than small. We also had a listen in on his heartbeat and it sounded strong and healthy. The midwife also told me that he was in the head down position already! He is head down, on his side on my left. Which explains why I get most kicks on my right side and why I have had a lot of prodding in my ribs. The position he is in is the ideal position for birth so hopefully he will stay like that! I had to rush over to the appointment after work so didn't have time for any lunch. Bad move! I had my bloods taken but because I hadn't eaten and as it was so stuffy in the room so I went a little woozy. Which was very humiliating! My next appointment is in 3 weeks time when I will be 30 weeks.

I have started thinking more about birth lately. I think I want a water birth. I can see why people choose to have them. I like that you have more space, not confined to a bed and that it feels a lot less clinical. The water must be somewhat soothing too and I like how a water birth would be less stressful for our son when he is born. I still need to do a lot more research and speak to my midwife about it but it looks like a water birth will be on the cards for me. I am absolutely terrified but at the same time excited. 

This week I started to sort through all his clothes a begun arranging his bits and bats. I still have a lot more washing and sorting to do but it was nice to get started on it. I will probably leave the rest for when I go on Maternity leave which will be in less than 6 weeks time! 44 days and counting! 

My cat Teddy was showing my bump lots of love this week. He normally has a thing for bare skin and he won't sit on your knee or come for a cuddle if you aren't covered up! I think most cats are like that, they don't like the feel of bare skin. Ted came and sat on my knee and I lifted my top up for him to have a see and he started to nuzzle my stomach and fell asleep. I just had to share some pictures as it melted my heart! One of the things that I worry about it how the cats will adapt to having a new baby in the house. I don't want them to feel replaced and know that they are still loved! If anyone has any tips on how to make the transition as easy as possible then please let me know. 

I cannot believe I am moving into the third trimester already. It has gone so fast, it's unbelievable. I can't believe that in three months time my baby will be in my arms! Where has the time gone? 


  1. I was so scared to bring Rio home, my dog jessie is very nervous of strangers..however she took to him instantly and their best friends now that they are both ball obsessed! :)

    1. Aww! That's lovely. I don't think the cats will act negative towards the baby I just don't want them to feel replaced or left out. I'm such a soft touch haha x

  2. Ah gosh! You're having a boy too, yay for team boy!
    Agreeing with you on the water birth, I think I'll be opting for that too x

  3. Your cat is so adorable snuggling up to your bump! I'm curious how my cats will react to the new baby too! I think cats get startled by the crying and changes and will end up taking their own time to adjust to the new arrival. I'm at 36 weeks and we've just started to keep the cats out of our bedroom (where the baby will sleep for the first months) and I feel awful about it! But they adapt quickly and it's better they start adjusting to these changes now :)

    1. Thank you! He was so cute that night.

      I am a bit worried too. I am mainly worried about them feeling like they are going to be replaced though. I haven't started kicking them out the bedroom yet. Eek! They sleep on the bed too. x

  4. Our cat was a bit of a nightmare when I first came home from hospital - defiantly sitting on piles of his clothes, in and out of the moses basket (which I'd had out for weeks and she'd ignored up until then - there's a reason why she's called Bellatrix ha ha). We just tried to set her boundaries (shut her out of our room & said a loud NO when she did something naughty). We still gave her love and attention and also showed her him so she knew he was not a threat. Four months down the line and she's just a loving as she was before, she doesn't mind him and will even cuddle up next to me on the sofa when I'm feeding him. Hope that helps. Right off to swimming. xxx

    1. Thanks! Our cats sleep in our bedroom so I am dreading the transition. I don't want to kick them out but will have to. We live in a bungalow too so even if I shut them out the bedroom they will go outside, jump on our bedroom window ledge and just scratch on the window!! So looking forward to it. Ha ha. x