Our home: Paints, paints and more paints

Oh my gosh, if I look at one more colour swatch I think I may just explode! The amount of hours I have spent looking at hundreds of different paint colours is simply ridiculous. I find myself looking at them and they all just blend into one giant splodge. I am a terribly indecisive person at the best of times but when it comes to trying to decide of paint colours for 7 rooms; living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, nursery, bathroom.. I feel totally out of my depth. If it was simply deciding on one paint for one room then it would be fine but I need to pick 6 or 7 colours that compliment one another, are neutral but not boring, aren't too light or too dark and so on and so forth. 

This week we bought half a dozen testers from Homebase to try out the colours for ourselves. We have rolls and rolls of lining paper at the house so I cut a bit off and painted it with each tester. I wrote the name above each shade to avoid any confusion. I also wrote down my initial feelings for each paint below each sample but I have changed my mind a little since then. 

I wish we had done this sooner cause paint colours look so much different in a catologue or on your computer screen. The colours also change dramatically when drying, some go lighter and some actually go darker, which was surprising. It was a good idea painting them onto the base they will actually be painted on once we choose as we can really see what the colour will be like. I also took the sample paper into every room in the house, in all the different lights to see how they would look. 

Here is what I am thinking at the moment:

Living room - Mellow Mocha
Dining room / Lounge - Natural Hessian
Kitchen - Caramel Latte (Not sure yet)
Hallway, Stairs and Landing - Natural Hessian
Bedroom - Dusted Fondant (Feature wall) with Mellow Mocha
Noah's Nursery - Natural Calico or Natural Hessian
Bathroom - No paint as room will be fully tiled
Box room - Whichever paint we have left

As you can tell I am a huge fan of neutral tones and going to add pops of colour here and there with accents such as picture frames, lamps, vases, rugs and so on. I'm really excited to get all the renovations out the way, have everything painted and then I can have fun furnishing each room.

This is the plan for now but I am not 100% on the kitchen colour. Our kitchen has cream cabinets, oak work surface and will have white tiles so I need a colour that's darker than cream but is not too dark. It's really tricky. I want to go for a shabby chic/cottage feel in the kitchen and dining room so need a shade that is suitable. I wish I was brave enough to go for a lovely pastel colour or even a nice sage green, but I'm not, so I am sticking to my trusty neutrals. 

Do you have any favourite paint colours or any advice on what colour to paint the kitchen? 


  1. I think the colours you are choosing are lovely. I hate the process of finding the right colours, it's so hard - though I love it when it goes right.

    Heather. x

  2. Love Mellow Mocha! So pretty!

    Kay x


  3. That looks great - I love the colours you have chosen, the kitchen colour looks perfect too! x

  4. Oo great idea with the lining paper. I absolutely hate choosing paint colours, I find it so stressful! x

  5. Im sure we have mellow mocha in our bedroom on 3 walls, with a black and gold wallpaper on one side!! We love it! It's so calm.

  6. Painted the living room in Mellowt Mocha and it looked awful fleshy pink. Might be the light in our house, but I would advise against that. Soft Stone comes out pink too. In our rooms we have Egyption Cotton (looks a lot lighter on than we had expected after trying the tester), Natural Calico (great, very light and super-neutral) and Cookie Dough feature wall with Natural Wicker. Would recommend all of these.

  7. I'm also a huge fan of neutral tones, but I really love having Yellow Ochre as the overall color scheme in my house. I just feel like it provides a really bright theme, and makes a tiring day seem more pleasant. Hahaha! Anyway, what color did you settle on, Jenna? Hope to hear about it and see it soon. All the best! :)

    Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro

  8. Your thinking is really creative. his is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Thank you!

  9. I think go with your thought processes and instinct, a milky coffee colours seems to make sense given what you said you had to consider colour blending or contrasting with.

    I went for newly smooth plastered wall, white gloss on doors and window frames. White emulsion on walls.
    I used damp proof paint for window frames

    1. Continued. As my consideration was minimalistic, and long lasting with option of ease of freshening up if possible. As busy lifestyle. Meanwhile beginning to get fatigued with arthritis. Also support and assistance with home maintenance becoming limited due to others age, health and commitments also.

      Enjoy your Home.

      Rachel Craig

  10. Wow, great transformation! Although your before is nothing like our before! (ah, temporary rental homes and no money).
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  11. Love these neutral colours :) xxx