Our home - The bathroom so far - part 2

We have gotten a lot further with our bathroom renovation since the last time I updated and I couldn't be happier. Everything seems to have taken shape all of a sudden and it's just how I envisioned our bathroom to look like. We are almost finished in the bathroom and just have the odd couple of jobs to do; grouting, more tiling, paint window frame, shower doors, tile around the bath, more grouting and the toilet and sink need to be installed. It's incredible to see what the bathroom looked like originally to what it looks like now. Here are the photo's of our progress-


  1. I love your house! It is going to be beautiful and you are both working so, so hard on it. A proper labour of love x

  2. I love those tiles, they are just what I want

    Kirsty Fox

  3. So similar to what our bathroom looked like when we first started!