Hot chocolate, cloth nappies and uptown funk! 4/52 - #littleloves

Another week has flown by in the blink of an eye. Here is my 4th week filled with some of my little loves! 

I promised to start reading a book last week and have I? Nope. I'm kicking myself. I promise I will start one soon but I am struggling to find time to do anything at the moment. I certainly need to learn how to priorities my time better. 

I'm still hooked on Celebrity Big Brother and I can't believe how much drama there has been this year. It's emotionally draining for a viewer to watch nevermind those poor folks living in there.

I have also been watching American Horror Story which is as crazy and disturbing as ever. The final season of Justified has just begun too so that's something to look forward to each week, I love that show. 

I haven't been wearing anything interesting really, nothing new to report on other than my usual thick knits and leggings! It's far too cold to be even thinking about wearing anything else.

A little of the same for Noah really. He has been under the weather he's been wearing babygrows during the day because I didn't want to be having to faff about with outfits when he's isn't well. It's all about being comfortable when you are poorly. 

He has also been rocking lots of cloth nappies this week! I wish we had started our cloth nappy journey a lot sooner but better late than never. 

Noah and I are both obsessed with Uptown Funk. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson always seem to get it right! We've been singing and dancing to this song a lot this week! 


Lots and lots of hot chocolate! I'm not usually a hot chocolate person and usually drink latte's or tea but I can't seem to get enough. It's got to have marshmallows though! 

And lastly 
Noah is walking!!!!!!!! 


  1. That hot chocolate looks amazing and he looks so cute in his nappy! x

  2. Hot chocolate addiction here....! and love cloth nappies too. where is this one? x

  3. Yaaaaaaay well done Noah for walking. :)

    We tried a cloth nappy for the first time today and I'm in love already!! Kicking myself that I didn't start sooner.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Better late than never, we were late with cloth nappies too!

  4. Yay for a walking Noah! I caught the vids on cute! Love that nappy pattern too.

    Any of that hot choco left lady?! yum!!! x

  5. We are all obsessed with Uptown Funk too, can't help but dance whenever it comes on!
    Well done Noah on walking, so cute! xx

    1. It's such an awesome track isn't it. So catchy! Thank you for commenting.