Comfy clothes, cloth nappies and nostalgia - 8/52 - #littleloves

Well, I promised to get stuck into a book last week but I think I should stop making these promises because I keep failing! 

I totally binged on the TV show Hannibal these past two weeks but now I have caught up and have no more episodes to watch, I feel like I've broken up with a boyfriend, withdraws and all! I need a new show/rebound to watch now. Any suggestions?

We watched a pretty crazy film called Gone Girl last weekend. I think it's difficult to find a film which keeps you guessing and confused from start to finish but Gone Girl did. It really kept me on my toes and I really need to see it again. 

I'm going to bore you like I do every week and admit I'm still wearing my leggings, jeggings, jumpers and slouch tops. Such a style icon! 

Noah on the other hand got his little mitts on some lovely new outfits and cloth nappies this week, so his "wore" section is a lot more interesting than mine, as per usual. 

I've been feeling nostalgic and have been listening to a few songs from my early teenage years, back when I was a rebel without a cause! One classic has got to be this number by Lit. It's a total guilty pleasure.

I haven't made anything interesting food wise this week bar our normal dinners and lunches but I did make a SmarTrike! Does that count or am I cheating? I feel like I did make it because I did struggle putting it together! Noah is so chuffed with it though, he's happy to be a #smarTriker! 

And lastly..
Do you love cloth nappies? Then check out the new #clothnappylove linky which is run by The Mummington Post and More Than Just A Mummy. It's a great place where all us cloth mum's can all link up and celebrate everything fluffy! You can find my first post here. Hope to see you there!


  1. There's nothing wrong with comfy clothes :) We watched Gone Girl too, I read the book the week before and found the ending of both the book and the film quite a disappointment. They can't seriously just carry on as normal!? CRAZY! We have the same SmarTrike as you - Noah looks so grown up on his! x

  2. I love soft play and I am definitely the active parent, I am always in there playing ;) Love the smart trike! You did good building it :)

  3. I'm dying to see Gone Girl - more so now! Aww, you have a wee Noah too? He is adorable! That smart trike thingymabob looks amazing. I bet he loves it! Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Building a Smart Trike totally counts, those things are a nightmare to put together. It took me ages and there may have been a fair bit of swearing involved along the way!
    I really want to see Gone Girl, although I think the ending may drive me crazy if I believe what others have said about it! xx

  5. Totally with you on the leggins and cuddly jumpers. It's too cold to make an effort! But making a smart trike counts as double points in my book. #littleloves

  6. I used cloth with my girls, want to with my boy too. what age was your little one when you started using them?x

  7. We loved Gone Girl too, you're right it totally keeps you guessing doesn't it? As for show recommendations have you seen The Following? If you like Hannibal I think you'd enjoy it xx