Project 365 - Week 13 - 13/52

Week 13 and what a week it has been! We spent most of the week on our first family holiday at Bluestone in Wales. It was an opportunity that came about through the blog and I can't wait to share my review with you! We had a blast!

March 22nd - 28th / Week 13

I spent all of Sunday packing for our first holiday away. I was so flustered trying to remember everything all while making sure I didn't mess up the house too much in the process. My Mum took Noah to Blackpool for the afternoon so he didn't have to endure a day of sorting and packing! 

Monday was the start of our holiday, the long 5 hour drive to Wales. We worried that Noah would struggle being in the car for so long but he was an angel. He napped, had snacks, sang, dance, watched the iPad all whilst sitting next to his Mummy in his car seat. It was great when we finally arrived at the lodge! 

Our first full day in Wales was took Noah to soft play where he met up with other blogger babies. They had a little play date and took a sensory class together, it was adorable watching them interact with one another. We then went on a huge nature trail through the woods and walked down to Camp Smokey which was so surreal. 

Wednesday we ventured out of Bluestone National Park and visited Folly Farm. We had the most amazing time and I can't wait to let you all know what we thought of the place, review coming soon. We then visited the Tafern for dinner and then called it a night. 

Thursday we finally had the chance to go swimming at The Blue Lagoon and visited soft play again. This was our last full day at Bluestone, it flew by way too quickly.

Friday is was time to leave Wales. The holiday flew by and it was sad to go. We had an excruciating 6 hour drive home as we were stuck in traffic on many occasions. It was good to get home and sleep in my own bed again. 

On Saturday both Nick and Noah were unwell and rested a lot. I made the most of the time by doing all the holiday laundry and catching up on a lot of blogging. When Noah perked up a little we sat and did some Easter crafts together which was nice. 

We've had a fantastic week! Did you?

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  1. Bluestone is fab isn't it?! :) I love Noah's little trunki! x

  2. glad to hear you had a lovely time, Noah looks such a happy baby

  3. Some lovely photos. We were invited to go last week as well but couldn't, I was gutted. Your photos make it look amazing!

  4. Glad to hear you had a lovely time. Your little boy did an amazing job being in the car that long x

  5. What a great week! Two of my most favourite places - Bluestone and Folly Farm! We live near both :D glad you enjoyed your trip x

  6. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.