Wales, nature trails and blogger friends - 13/52 - #littleloves

Another week, another round of little loves!

We have just come back from out first family holiday, a four day break in Wales. I took advantage of all that travel and holiday time ahead of us by indulging in a book or two. On the drive there I finished reading Red for Revenge which is a Galaxy Quick Read. It was okay but it didn't really appeal to me and was rather bog standard and a bit boring to be honest! 

On the drive home I started reading an ebook I bought a few months ago called Saving Wishes. So far the story line has my attention but it's on the cusp of either becoming a real page turner or turning into a pile of old tripe! I will have to let you know!

You all must know by now how much I love my American TV shows but this week I have watched none. I haven't watched TV at all actually. Being on our outdoorsy holiday we just wanted to spend as much time outside in the fresh air. We spent most of our holiday exploring the Welsh countryside, at soft play, sensory class, the adventure centre, the zoo, at swimming or reading. It's been so refreshing not to be glued to a TV or laptop screen. I've really enjoyed the down time.


Frumpy clothes to keep me warm. We have been very fortunate on our break when it comes to the weather. It has been warm and sunny but there was the occasion when the sun hid behind the clouds and it became chilly. 

Lots of different accents! I absolutely adore the Welsh accent and their overall demeanor, they are so welcoming and friendly.

We made many miles on foot this week. We've been on many nature trails and have probably walked more in the past four days than we do in a month! We've really enjoyed it and intend to go on more nature walks as a family.

And lastly
On our break, I met up with a dozen blogger friends who were all visiting Bluestone at the same time as us. I was so happy that I finally got to meet my bump buddy and one of my best blogger friends, Shaz from
A Pinch of Shaz! We followed one another through pregnancy and now the kids are toddlers it was great to finally meet for a natter whilst we watched them play together. I think we really clicked and I hope to meet up again one day! 


  1. It sounds like a lovely week and I can't wait to hear more about your holiday - one of the best things about Bluestone is meeting other bloggers :) Shaz lives very near me, I should arrange a playdate at some point! x

  2. That sounds like a lovely getaway,we've returned from our holidays the other day and it was great to have a relax! That nature trail looks fab, thats so nice to have finally met a blogging buddy even though you've spoken to them online, it's a bonkers circle to be in isn't it? x

  3. I miss Bluestone. It's so lovely isn't it. We went last January so it was freezing and we got caught in the worst rain I've ever seen so we missed out on a lot of the outdoorsy stuff. I'd love to go back and properly explore everywhere :)

  4. Oh it's so lovely that you got to meet Shaz, I think we are due around the same time again! I'm Very jealous of all you girls going to Bluestone, sounds like ye had a great time! Hope you had a nice weekend and enjoy the week ahead xxx

  5. It sounds like you have had such a lovely time away. Family holidays are the best! xx