Mummy & Me - April

We are at the end of April already, wow. How did that happen? April has been a great month for us, we've had so much fun. The weather has been perfect and we have been spending most out time outdoors, exploring and going on long walks. There's something about those first few weeks of sun after a gloomy Winter isn't there? 

Here is our photo for April. We had drove to St Anne's for the afternoon as the weather was fantastic. Noah had been to the beach before but had never put his toes in sand. I was excited to see how he would find it and it's safe to say he hated it. He physically cringed and clung to me every time I attempted to stand him on the sand. We ended up putting his shoes back on after a while so he would have a toddle about. What are they like?!

It's rather embarrassing that I am wearing the same dress than I did in last months photo but I wasn't thinking that far ahead. The photo was a candid one too as I didn't know Nick was taking it. I was trying to show Noah that sand is nothing to worry about and as you can tell by his face he wasn't having any of it! 

See you next month! 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Such a cute little photo! Typical that he hated the sand, haha! Ben hasn't been on sand in ages, so will be interesting to see his reaction when we go on holiday in June! He currently hates anything new, so probably won't like it to begin with.

    Annas Reflection

  2. Aww what a cutie, they're funny aren't they with what they will and won't touch. Lovely natural picture too :) xx

  3. That photo looks like you could be abroad. So beautiful! x

  4. such a lovely picture, you cant beat a day on the beach in the sun #MummyandMe

  5. Awwww, bless him. Lovely picture. Love that Nick took it without you knowing. Thanks for linking up x

  6. Aww look how young Noah looks in this photo, I can see similarities between him and Ava xxx

  7. "Boys will be boys". Doesn't take long till they start exploring new things, enjoying adventures, etc. Now that he has his little sister Ava, he is the big brother who may well be the one to introduce her to sand castles, sand play, etc. They will likely enjoy visits to the beach together, ice cream cones, fun fair rides, visits to Gran, etc, etc. They grow up so quickly, enjoy them whilst you can. Soon they will be at school, maybe university, and then grown up adults. Savour the moments.

    Rachel Craig