Cars, Trains and a Princess - 18/52 - #littleloves

I am still reading Divergent but haven't gotten very far. I'm staying up way too late to read and keep kicking myself for it.

Noah and I have been enjoying reading Grow Your Own which was a recent buy of ours. It's all about a city boy who goes and spends Summer in the countryside with his Gran. She teaches him how to grow fruit and veg and it's just such a charming tale, fantastic illustration too.

I finished watching Bloodline a few days ago. Wow, I am so impressed with this Netflix original as it's so unique and such an emotional rollercoaster. Although I finished watching it a couple of days ago I am still reeling over the series finale. I cannot wait for series two. 

It's been a bit colder this week and unfortunately we've had to dig out the coats and jumpers again, brrr. I hope the sun returns soon. 

Noah has been getting a lot of wear out of his new nappies this week. How cute is this Bongo Bat Reusable Cloth Nappy from Baba+Boo? Nananananananananana bat bum! 

"Brmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Noah has started making noises when pushing around his cars and trains. He seemed to pick it up out of the blue and when he did it for the first time in front of my Mum and I we both squealed, super cute! 

Noah and I took part in a Nestle Cereal Challenge a couple of days ago (the post will be live soon) and we had lots of fun with the arts supplies we were sent. It's easier said than done with a giddy toddler but we did manage to make a caterpillar! 

And lastly

The royal baby has been born and it's a girl! Congratulations William and Kate! I'm currently watching the news and the world is awaiting the first appearance of the baby Princess. 

Totsbots have released a special edition nappy to celebrate the special occasion. Introducing the Royal Wave! (It's sold out already!)

Who else is now extremely broody?! 



  1. ME! I am SO broody. It's ever since my baby turned one. Ridiculous. :)

    Bloodline sounds intriguing. Keep getting tempted to sign back up to Netflix but then I never find the time to watch anything!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. I've just signed up for Netflix so I'll definitely be checking out Bloodline, thanks for the tip! Hope you're having a good week xx