Project 365 - Week 18 - 18/52

26th April - 2nd May / Week 18

When Noah came back from an afternoon at his Nanna's I cooked up a roast dinner and we went for a long evening stroll. Bliss.

Monday, play group! The sun was shining so we took advantage of all the outdoor toys. Noah was obsessed with this car. 

Tuesday was a lazy day and we spent the day playing and reading. 

I don't think I will ever get over how much Noah loves his Ted. One of the most important values to teach a child is how to love and respect animals and it makes me ever so proud to see Noah be so gentle with them. 

He is beautiful isn't he? I'm not just biased.

Noah in his Winnie the Pooh costume that I won. How cute?!

I've seriously bought way too many cloth nappies this week. This is one of my all time favourite prints. It's called Louis and is from Bumgenius. Don't tell Nick I paid £23 for it. 

What have you got up to this week?

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  1. The Winnie The Pooh photo is just so adorable!

  2. The first picture is beautiful the way the sun is shining through the trees while they have a lovely Noah and Daddy moment. I love the Pooh bear outfit, it is so cute! x #project365

  3. my two also adore and care for their cat and dog with so much love and they are 20 and 16, we kept chickens when they were little and no where near as cuddly