Taking Care Of Your Babies Skin In Winter

I gave birth to my second baby in March and I still can't believe she's here. Both my children were born in the colder months, so both times I've had to be extra diligent when it comes to taking care of their skin. Having a newborn again has made me remember how delicate and sensitive their skin is and how important it is to take care of it from day one.

Back when Noah was a baby we didn't have many skin health concerns as he didn't suffer from any skin ailments, cradle cap or really any nappy rash either. We were very lucky with that but we did adhere to a strict skincare routine of not bathing him every night but skipping a day or two, using a very small amount of product in his bath and then using a natural oil to moisturise him with after he was dry.

This time around things are quite different with Ava. She's only been here for a few weeks but we've already had to pay close attention to her skin and really make sure we are using the best protection we can to keep her happy and healthy, for us it starts with a bit of a routine and our go to nappies - Pampers.

When she was only a few days old Ava started getting quite dry and flaky skin which I've been told is quite common in overdue babies, it's like she's shredding her skin. We've been combating this by being really careful about which nappies and wipes we use to make sure she stays as dry and as comfortable as possible. We are using Pampers premium protection nappies and Pampers sensitive wipes which I also used with my son because they are the only newborn nappy and wipes that are endorsed by the British Skin Foundation. This means that from the moment both my babies entered the world I felt confident that I was wrapping their bottoms in the best possible protection for their skin, and this time round with Ava, it’s proving especially important!

Of course lots of things change in the first few months especially, but we will be sure to pay extra special attention to her delicate newborn skin.

Do you have a skincare routine for your little one or do you have any tips that you would like to share? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. We didn't do nightly baths. But we did do s nightly massage :)

  2. You mention the British Skin Foundation. I will do an Internet search. As it seems that there have been moves to protect newborn skin etc. though it seems that maybe we need to all be aware of treating our skin appropriately. Postdates babies do have a tendency to have dry skin, maybe related to amount / lack of vernix which is protective of skin when in utero.

    Best Wishes with your daughter, her skin etc. I am finding that I am now prone to dry skin, particularly in the Winter. So maybe we all need to be aware of effects weather / climate etc can take of our skin, and the skin of family members whom we care for etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. For me it was always johnsons baby lotion it's been used by many mums over the years and it leaves a lovely smell too

  4. There is such choice in regards to products. Sometimes such that it can be overwhelming. Clear and accurate information can be beneficial, as most people are limited in time due to number and variety of commitments etc. We want to do Best for our family etc.

    Rachel Craig