Our home: Bathroom update

As I said in my previous post I still cannot believe we are still waiting to get into our house. It's been a slow process but we are getting there slowly but surely. It's been two months since I last updated you on our progress in the bathroom so it's time to post where we are with it now.

I'm so happy with how the bathroom has turned out, the transformation is incredible. From the outdated, rundown green space to a neutral, on-trend one. We have a four-piece bathroom with a tower radiator. We have some glass cabinets that are yet to go up too. We are also having a cupboard built around the boiler which won't just hide the boiler but there will be shelves in there too for storage. As mentioned on Boiler Brain, there are boilers designed specifically to fit in small spaces such as kitchen cupboards, so that's also always an option. It's just odd bits of jobs here and there that need to be done such as grouting, tiling in the bath, a bit of paint here and there! It's all about those loose ends now but soon there will be 3 rooms that are fully completed! So exciting!


  1. Your bathroom looks lovely :) love home projects.


  2. To think, you very nearly have a bathroom, kitchen and lounge done! The hardest parts! It's all downhill from here, before you know it you'll be in your home! x

  3. Wow, I love all the work you're doing to your house, it's so modern :) x

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  5. What a huge transformation! It's amazing how a simple replacement of tiles can dramatically change a bathroom's overall look. The new shower looks lovely, by the way. Thanks for sharing that! Keep us posted with more updates. All the best to you! :)

    Rick Greer @ Finlay Brewer

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