Real nappy week, sunshine and netflix - 17/52 - #littleloves

I'm still reading Divergent but I haven't got very far into into it yet. I keep losing track of the time and it's always way too late to read very far. I really need to make more time for it because I loved the film so much. 

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I am always having a browse through for new shows and films to watch and I stumbled across a Netflix original show this week, it's called Bloodline. I'm about half way through the series now and it's been really gripping but in a slow and tender way, if that makes sense. I can't wait to see how everything is going to turn out. 

It's been scorching hot and that meant I was able to wear dresses without a jacket or a cardigan, it's been lovely. I have still been wearing tights and leggings though because I don't want to frighten the whole of Lancashire with my bright white legs!

Noah has been enjoying the sun too and has been slathered with factor 50 every single day. I love seeing him in his little shorts and tshirts with his skinny little arms and legs on show. 

"All of us deserve the right to be loved for who we are" - Bruce Jenner

I have just finished watching the Bruce Jenner interview where he bravely announced to the world that he is a woman. This quote in particular really tugged at my heart strings and I am in total awe of him. I hope his actions and announcement gives courage to others who feel the same way.

I made a little progress with organising the house, if that counts for something? Ever since the move and the renovation everything has been up in the air and nothing really has a place just yet. The house is somewhat organised but there are things that have been irritating me and one of those were the bags and bags of Noah's old clothes that I just stashed away in the closet. On Friday I decided to sort through it all and put everything into size order and I felt so emotional looking at all his teeny tiny clothes, he's huge now! 

And lastly
This week is Real Nappy Week, in case you didn't know! It's been my first and it's been so much fun taking part in all the offers, competitions and general cloth nappy celebrations! 


  1. I love that photo of you both on the beach, beautiful! x

  2. Wow, putting those baby gros next to each other really shows how much they grow! We're not parents yet but I've researched cloth nappies, I didn't know they had their own week..useful info on there :) hope you've had a lovely weekend xx

  3. Ahh gorgeous outfits. Netflix dream team that sounds ace. I have been pondering trying out netflix but worried it's just all old movies and shows so haven't taken the plunge yet. Gorgeous capture of you and your little one. So cute. #littleloves

  4. What a beautiful picture of the two of you on the beach. Is that St Annes beach?
    I planned to do cloth nappies with both mine.. but didn't *hangs head in shame* When N was born I couldn't find ones small enough for her, though I think there's a lot more choice out there these days. I would definitely give it ago if we had another baby. xx